To be an independent, trustworthy and reliable organization dedicated to building strong civil society groups, especially among local/indigenous communities with the capacity in managing their natural resources and environment in sustainable ways for achieving economic, political and socio-cultural life of good quality, just and free from all forms of violence.


1)     Upholding civil society rights and rights of local communities in politics, economy and socio-culture, in particular the rights to natural resources and basic services (e.g. education).

2)     Promoting knowledge and innovative models for management of natural resources, environment and sustainable livelihoods, so as to strengthen the capacity of local communities to manage their economy, politics and socio-cultural life in participatory and sustainable ways.

3)     Encouraging processes of transformation that nurture management of communities’ livelihoods and the environment based on democracy, justice, sustainability and gender perspective.

@Translated by Carol Yong from the original in Indonesian