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Four Indegenous Groups Demand Custody Of Home Forest

Four indigenous communities from Jambi, South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi and Banten are demanding that the government fulfill its pledge to grant custody of customary forests to their communities, arguing that they have met all the requirements and, most importantly, have always played a role in protecting the forests. More than ...

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People Of The Forest

I watched with fascination as the Wana elder, a woman of about 80, deftly rolled tree bark into an intricate traditional pipe. I sat on a hand-woven  leaf floor mat and listened  to her husband, a jovial, talkative  character, explain about life in the forest “We are forest dwellers. In ...

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The luxury hotel group Mandarin Oriental is closely tied to a company that has cleared vast areas of rainforests, and is helping drive the Sumatran elephant to extinction. Norway’s pension fund invests 540 million USD in related companies. 2015-05-21– The Mandarin Oriental group includes some of the most sumptuous hotels ...

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